Nissan Bests Ferrari With Offer To Deadmau5 For New Nyan Cat GTR


Not many people have as recognizable a vehicle as Deadmau5‘s “Purrari”. Or, should I say “had”, since the vocal producer was forced to remodel the Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari 458 after the famed Italian automaker hit him with a cease-and-desist letter. Deadmau5 left no mystery as to his feelings over the well-publicized exchange, but what he probably wasn’t expecting was a response like the one he got from Nissan, who tweeted him a special offer on a customized GTR. World, meet the Nyan Cat GTR.  It’s not like Deadmau5 needs the car, as he’s recently been showing off his brand new Mclaren, but it’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t take them up on this one. Still, even if he doesn’t, Nissan has already won this battle with some swift social action and a good sense of humor. You can see the exchange below.