Knife Party Unveils Official Artwork & Release Date for ‘Abandon Ship’

Wave your freak flags high, ladies and gentleman, and prepare to set sail with Knife Party on October 27th for their debut album “Abandon Ship!” Knife Party’s highly anticipated album has finally been given an ‘official’ release date, if tweeting out a release date is considered official nowadays. The aforementioned tweet comes with the album artwork that follows the same motif that was used for the Haunted House tour t-shirts; a black flag branded with the Knife Party symbol on a red background. This news comes three days before the first single, “Resistance,” is set to be released for free download. If you’re keeping count at home, we now have 3 tracks (Resistance, Boss Mode and Micropenis) artwork, and a release date. Now all we need is a tracklist and we can truly start counting down the minutes until we’re forced to abandon the ship.