Kaskade and The Brocks Drop Music Video for “Summer Nights”

Kaskade and The Brocks Drop Music Video for

Kaskade and The Brocks – Summer Nights (Official Music Video)

We’re headed into the last days of August and with that, the last few days of summer as well. As everyone begins to prepare for the changing of seasons a certain change of mood can not help but be felt as well. LA based Kaskade, one of the industry’s leading producers, knows exactly what this mood is and was able to wrap it into a track appropriately called “Summer Nights.” A collaboration with Oregon based Indie-electronic band The Brocks, the track is a precise expression of the ending of the season. In addition dropping the track, Kaskade dropped the music video to go along with it as well. The video features a young boy playing basketball around the city streets, only to miss the game-winning shot much to his dismay. While walking home he passes by professional skateboarding Brian Anderson which in turn sparks his fuel to start skating again. At home the boy pulls out an old skateboard and starts skating around the city as Kaskade’s soothing vocals sing “I want to go back.” The video treks the the young adolescent’s returning journey to skating, triggering a sense nostalgia along the way. Kaskade did this one right creating a mood-feeling video to go with a beautiful song at the perfect time of the year. Make sure to grab your copy of “Summer Nights” to vibe out to on iTunes here and check out the music video below.