EDMTunes Interview: Thomas Gold

Thomas Gold

As electronic  music continues to grow, the wide array of individuals who make up the industry grows as well. Becoming one of the most popular genre-umbrellas worldwide over the past several years, EDM has seen its share of highs and lows, but through it all, the most important faces remain true to the scene itself.

Thomas Gold has become one of those important faces, as he slowly but surely ingrained himself in the scene back in 2006. The German born producer has solidified himself over the past decade as one of the premier producers in dance music and is one of the iconic names on the main stage festival circuit.

But to grow the way Thomas Gold has from 2006 to now, takes more than just talent. It takes perseverance, heart, determination, and a unique factor that separates yourself from the rest. What he’s has been able to do is create that different sound, and from there the rest has followed. When asked about his sound progression and development as a producer over the past several years Thomas Gold responded:

“A lot has changed over the past few years with the development of electronic dance music on a worldwide level and for me it has always been about staying true to who I am. Whether it is creating something a little tech-ier or something a little more progressive or electro, I believe I have always had the ability to produce the music I wanted and my fans have always reacted positively to that.”

With his special ability to produce outside the box, Thomas Gold has become one of those DJs/Producers who has had remarkable way of connecting back with his fans. With this connection being of utmost importance, Gold has been giving back to his dedicated following in the form of his weekly radio show, FanFare. The show just surpassed its 100th episode just a few months ago:

“Fanfare, for me, has always been a way for me to connect back with my fans and the people that want to listen in. Each week I pick the top songs for my listeners and always want them to enjoy what they are listening to. It is a great way to get feedback from them as well as test out new tracks and feature some new talent as well. Giving lesser known producers a platform for their music has always been something I pride myself on and with fanfare 100 just passing a few months ago, its hard to believe just how amazing FanFare has done since I started it.”

Gold has had the opportunity to work with other fellow producers along his road to success, most notably Axwell, Dirty South, and Moguai. As the #82 best DJ in the world, according to last year’s DJ Mag Top 100 poll, Gold has had several major releases; his most recent track was produced with the ‘Tsunami’ man himself, Borgeous. When asked about his collaboration with the up-n-coming producer, Thomas Gold responded:

“Well to be honest Borgeous and I met a few months ago when we were at a festival. It was sort of like we met, hung out, had a drink, and the idea came together. For a few weeks we were sending the track back and forth to one another because we were both on the road and it was definitely interesting doing it that way. We eventually got into his studios in LA for a little bit of time and everything came together very quickly once we finally sat down together.

‘Beast’ was definitely different than the normal sound I have become used to producing, but stepping out of my comfort zone was a lot of fun. I think it is important to step out of your comfort zone every now and then and try things”

The overall career of Thomas Gold, from an outsider perspective, has been truly remarkable. Surpassing goals that most seasoned veterans could only imagine, some would say this talented German has only just begun. With connections with cities all around the world, coming back to Governors Island was a no brainer, especially for a man who calls New York City his home away from home:

“I am very excited to be back in New York. I have a lot of history here when it comes to playing especially with the amount of times I have played Pacha and also when I played Roseland last year. Roseland was one of my favorite shows and especially since it closed, it was a great feeling knowing I played such a special venue in this city.”

With such a deep connection with his fans and cities around the world, Thomas Gold’s continued success will continue to grow with each day’s passing. With several new releases on the horizon including a new release on Hardwell’s record label, Revealed Recordings, and a joint collaboration with Deniz Koyu, the sky is the limit for Thomas Gold.