EDM and the Digital Revolution Have Changed the Music Industry Forever

huff post

The Huffington Post recently published an article reflecting on the constantly changing music industry, reflecting on the constantly evolving nature of our industry… from vinyl to 8-track to cassette to CD to digital downloads. With the proliferation of the internet and easy access to downloads, the music industry has progressed beyond everybody’s wildest imaginations. The number of producers, labels, ease of access to music, and genre of music have all adapted. The rise of EDM is strongly targeted towards the 16-24 generation and is evidently also correlated with a rise in social media use. Artists, labels, and listeners are all connected better than ever before.

This fact has helped level the playing field for artists, making it much easier for new producers to raise awareness for their music. New, smaller labels have also been able to cash in on this revolution, each taking a piece of the new $6.2 Billion EDM market. Some predict that this reorganization and ease of downloads will drive music prices down, with a saturated market of talented artists releasing their tracks for free download in order to gain more fans.

via Huffington Post