Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Parties Ban Kandi, Light Shows & More

For all of you hardcore ravers looking to suit up in full costume and take on your city’s Mad Decent Block Party, you may have to think again. After making headlines last week due to two fatalities at the Maryland show, the travelling festival is back in the news as a result of their long list of banned paraphernalia. While the disallowance of cups, eyedrops and unsealed gum, Chapstick and tampons (hence why Dillon Francis made it rain SEALED tampons in Philadelphia) all make sense for security purposes, people were left scratching their heads at some of the less harmful things on the list. Kandi jewellery, LED gloves or Microlights used for light shows, pacifiers and lollipops are all among the items that will be prohibited at the show. It is no coincidence that these items are associated with rave culture, which has angered attendees who feel they have the right to express themselves any way they choose. On the other hand, some folks have applauded the organizers’ bold move, as the Block Party is aiming to stay true to its roots by having the crowd remain focused on the music rather than costumes and outfits. Mad Decent boss Diplo and Block Party performer Dillon Francis share those same feelings, as they both spoke about the issue via Twitter:

For the full list of acceptable and non acceptable items, click here.