Bisbetic Ft. Angelika Vee – Feeling


Bisbetic feat. Angelika Vee – Feeling
 Label: Oxygen | Release Date: August 25, 2014

Dance duo Bisbetic have been putting out some pretty sweet jams since their start in 2010, and they kept their fire burning with no sign of cooling down; their most recent single, ‘Rokki‘, serves as an excellent example for their ability to create an unrelenting force of pure big sound (without feeling like “big-room”).

We’re not here to rave about ‘Rokki’ though. No we’re here to bring you their collaboration with Angelika Vee, ‘Feeling‘. Nicky Romero dropped ‘Feeling’ on his Protocol radio show and it’s a wonderful mix of serene sounds, soothing vocals, and a hard hitting melody. As the piano builds behind Vee’s voice, the percussion builds with white noise and subtle synth chords; the breakdown is a layered and electrifying melody that doesn’t get too “big”, but never leaves you wanting for more. You can hear ‘Feeling’ on this recording from Nicky’s show, and it will be out on Oxygen on August 25th.