Armada Announces Brand New Label and 2 Revamped Sub-Labels


Armada Music has become a powerhouse in the dance industry since its inception in 2003. Headed by none other than Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis, Armada has become home to an army of producers, and is one of the entities leading the way of electronic music’s evolution. With over 20 labels under its belt, including ASOT, Armind, Mainstage and Bearded Man (to name a few of the big ones), the conglomerate has developed a pretty far reach and isn’t bound by any particular sound.

Times have changed since 2003 and consequently, Armada has decided to change things up as well (as any smart and proactive brand would). Today, they’ve just announced the creation of an entirely new label and the revamping of two previous labels. ‘Captivating Sounds’ is now ‘Armada Captivating‘ and ‘TRICE Recordings’ will go on as ‘Armada Trice‘. Simple enough. With each of these rebrands comes new missions and ideals; Armada Captivating will be home to what they see as the best of the best in dance music while paying homage to Armada’s founding as a trance label, and will be the home of new talents creating music that melds sounds of yesteryear and tomorrow; Armada Trice will stand as a place for progressive and club productions with big sounds.

Leaving us with ‘Armada Deep‘. This new label is a fusion of ‘Electronic Elements’, ‘M Recordings’ and the recent ‘Black Book Audio‘. Understandably so, this will be for what Armada sees as the best in deep house tunes. We’re looking forward to what’s to come from these labels, and luckily won’t have to wait long. Each already has a new single ready for pre-order and can be streamed below.

David Gravell – The Last Of Us | Pre-Order

Compact Grey – S.A.Y. | Pre-Order

Arston feat. Jake Reese – Circle Track | Pre-Order