3DM Festival Gears Up To Produce First Ever 3D Event


Perhaps Morgan Page was setting atop a goldmine a little over a year ago when he embarked on his MPP3D tour, bringing out fans in droves to see him and a stellar cast of up-and-comers to an event with production values geared towards an immersive 3D experience.

Touting a catchy tagline – “Taking music festivals to a whole new dimension – literally” (get it?), the 3DM Festival will be taking the electronic artists we’ve all grown to appreciate, and adding an entire new layer of visual stimulation.  The description reads as follows

“Imagine the experience of being in a dance club as onstage DJs rock the house, with lights swirling and pulsating—only in this incarnation, three-dimensional visuals from a staggering hundreds of LED light panels transform the night into a seeming live-action geometric kaleidoscope of catapulting, chatoyant, flashing full-color lights that literally permeate the audience.”

It’s certainly an interesting next step in the evolution of dance music culture, as the artists continue to veer away from the dark clubs, and into a festival environment that pushes the envelope, oftentimes bordering on completely immersive sensory stimulation.  There’s no doubt that this brings an additional unique vibe to a festival scene that has grown to the point of expectant bubble-levels, but by carving out a niche that very clearly caters to people focused more on the experience than the music, this one will be an interesting one to watch.

We’re still very early in, and information is not readily available on 3DM’s socials, but keep an eye on their webpage for more as it comes closer.