Tinder’s Co-Founder Might’ve Just Developed the ‘Next’ Big Thing in Music

Tinder Co-Founder, Christopher Gulczynski, has created an app with the same premise as Tinder; swiping right for someone that sparks your interest, but with music. The huge success of Tinder pushed Gulczynski to bring the idea of quickly judging a person into the music realm. Artists upload clips of their songs that can range from 10 seconds to three minutes for users to listen to by swiping right or left, depending on whether or not they “like” the music. If the user chooses to swipe right, they will be able to follow the artist, check out their other songs, and stay up to date with them. In addition to being attractive to users, it’s a  great platform for artists to test their new tunes or ideas and gauge listeners’ interests. This app has the potential to make a profound impact on the music industry, connecting artists and listeners like never before. For more deets, check out their official website.

“There’s a stigma around the music industry that it’s notoriously hard to monetize. What we’re trying to do is circumvent that by growing a critical mass of people on the platform, by coming around the backside. If the ‘music industry’ wants to be a part of it, we’re going to force them to play nice. … Next is always going to be a home for the person with a guitar sitting in their bedroom. It’ll never grow away from that. The core of the product will always be focused on the little guy.”

via The Hollywood Reporter