Samuel Proffitt – Sladky ft. Khai

Samuel Proffitt - Sladky ft. Khai
Samuel Proffitt‘s Sladky has been making the rounds around dance music circles hard the past 24 hours or so. And for good reason: it’s a straight up hit. Infectious vocals are the focal point, sitting in between a chilled out drum rack, and a collection of synthesizer squeaks and an acoustic piano chord progression.

Sam Driver is the man behind the stage name, and people may recognize him as one half of the duo, PRFFTT & Svyable. “Sladky” is quite different from the production under that monicker, so we can only assume Mr. Driver was interested in a new direction. Hence, Samuel Proffitt and “Sladky.” The track is an absurdly high quality representation of the ever popular UK garage scene, with an indie/ half beat twist. The combination is pulled off expertly -a clear bonus of Sam’s veteran experience.  According to the Soundcloud page, the tune will be the debut single from a debut EP, Blue Notebook No. 10. We’re really excited to hear new music from this direction, and needless to say, this sudden news of an entire EP within this sub-genre has us giddy. Check out the track below, and download it as well:

Samuel Proffitt – Sladky ft. Khai | Download