Rapper Kreayshawn Claims She Was “Catfished” by a Fake Diplo


Growing up, our parents warned us against giving out our personal information on the Internet and talking to strangers; unless of course that stranger is Diplo. Kreayshawn courageously took to Youtube to confess that she was catfished by someone pretending to be the Mad Decent label head from 2009 to 2011, and she only recently found out the truth. It all started when Kreayshawn made this video, which was chosen as the fan video of the week on Mad Decent’s blog. She then got an email from someone pretending to be Diplo, which kicked off a three year pen pal exchange. Apparently the exchange was 50% inspirational motivation and 50% “begging for a sex tape” which, if we are all to believe Diplo’s persona, is exactly something we would expect him to say. Kreayshawn vehemently denied sending one (“hell naw, you a pig”) but went on to talk about how inspiring the catfish troll was for her.

“Besides him begging for a personal sex tape that I never gave him was a bunch of inspirational things like ‘keep doing you, your videos are tight, maybe one day you can come work with me.’ And I’m thinking ‘this is Diplo sending me this’ so all this stuff was the driving point for me to get out to LA and take film school and take this film shit seriously because Diplo believes in me and hes talented and if somebody that talented believes in me I should believe in me. At the end of the day whoever this troll was like, ended up inspiring my whole career…kind of.”

The real crux of the story though is how it all came to fruition: Kreayshawn says that she went into her old gmail account and came across these old correspondence. She DMs Diplo on Twitter, telling him about the dick pics that she had gotten from the fake Diplo. After a quick back and forth and after seeing the pic for himself, Diplo assured her that it was not, in fact, his. It was then that the ruse was discovered and that the email address she was corresponding with was one number off from Diplo’s actual email. Maybe now that all the air is cleared perhaps Diplo will fulfill his ‘promise’ and bring Kreayshawn on for a future project.