New Study Reveals That Live Streaming Will Increase Event Ticket Sales

New Study Shows Free Live Streams Can Improve Ticket Sales
With the rising number of live events in music, as well as increasing costs to fans to attend said events, the live-stream has become an increasingly prominent tactic utilized by many of the world’s top festivals, including Coachella, Ultra and more recently, Tomorrowland & EDC. While most music lovers would agree that a streamed event can hardly hold a candle to the real deal, the ability to take part in the experience in some way has been hugely appealing to fans as well as artists, who often promote their set times as much for the streaming audiences as those actually in attendance.

And now there’s some evidence to show the value to the event organizers and promoters. While it was always pretty clear that live-streaming produced a bevy of valuable event content as well as unique ways to entice additional advertisers, a new study executed by Eventbrite, one of the largest online ticketing services, has revealed that those streams can actually help physical event attendance as well. According to the study, which aimed to gather more insights on music festivals, 69% of millenials were more likely to attend an event after watching it via a live-stream. This data seems fairly logical, much in the way movie-goers want to see a preview before investing in the whole film. And what may be most powerful about the live stream is the fact that fans get to not only hear, but see, an increasingly important aspect as event production continues to focus as much on the accompanying visuals as the actual sound.

Whether it’s that preview of what to expect, or overwhelming feelings of FOMO it leaves behind, the live-stream seems to serve a valuable purpose for all those involved. The full Eventbrite report will be released soon, but in the meantime, it seems safe to assume live-streaming of events will only continue to grow. And that’s great news for all of us.