Karmaloop CEO Interviews Krewella About Glow Sticks, Hidden Song Meanings, and Twerking

Karmaloop CEO Interviews Krewella

Founder and CEO of Karmaloop, Greg Selkoe, had the chance to talk to Krewella fresh off the Emuze & Karmaloop’s Verge Campus Tour that hit numerous colleges throughout the country. Jahan and Yasmine stopped by Karmaloop’s headquarters to discuss the hidden meaning behind their song and album titles, Jahan’s Mr. Bean freestyles, experimenting with glow sticks, and Krewella’s Karmaloop style. It’s also revealed in the video that Yasmine may or may not twerk or crowd surf on your face if you attend a Krewella show. All in all, it’s what one of the more intimate and revealing interviews from the group, and is definitely worth the time to check out, fan or not. Give the video a watch below to find out some of the Krew’s embarrassing stories and secrets, and check out Karmaloop’s website for a view of the Krewella look!