Avicii’s Forthcoming Album Will Feature Bon Jovi, Chris Martin & More Rock Superstars

After getting much heat for bringing a live country band out for his 2013 performance at Ultra Music Festival, Avicii’s avant-garde dice roll soon took the world by an impossibly-unavoidable storm. But now that the infusion of folk, bluegrass, and dance has been checked off the bucket list, what’s next?

Well it seems like Tim’s sights are still set on the horizon, and the cutting edge of ‘The Next Big Sound’. Though his upcoming album remains untitled, some major star power has been rumored to be packed in its track list. Rolling Stone recently claimed that some of these names include Matisyahu, Chris Martin from Coldplay, Bon Jovi, and even Green Day’s lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong. While some say that Avicii’s top-40 discography marks him as a sell out and that he has strayed away from his dance music roots, it is undeniable that the Swedish producer has a knack for drumming up some fresh new sounds to play over a signature four-on-the-floor kick.