Steve Aoki feat. Machine Gun Kelly – Free The Madness (Official Music Video)

Dance Music’s favorite cake launcher, Steve Aoki is known for not letting difference of genres separate him from making music together with artists he thinks he can make hits with. Working with everyone from Diplo to Waka Flocka Flame, Steve teams up with Machine Gun Kelly for his giant new single “Free The Madness.” Known for making a small story in his music videos, Aoki’s latest takes place in the distant future in a museum discussing trends of the 21st Century. Naturally a spoof on the eternally popular Breaking Bad is mentioned in which Aoki and MGK are portrayed as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman getting into escapades that involve lots of chemistry, fresh baked goods and fierce hand-to-hand combat with super human girl scouts. It seems that the premise for this video is a favor returned by Aoki, since Aaron Paul’s character on the show, Jesse Pinkman, famously rocked an Aoki t-shirt during an episode, a moment that still gets fans giddy to this day. Hitting the festival circuit hard this summer and with his next studio album, Neon Future 1 set to release in August expect much more out of Aoki in the coming months!