Somna & Yang Feat. Michele C – Chasing Stars

Somna & Yang Feat. Michele C – Chasing Stars (Original & Dub Mixes)
Label: Songbird | Release Date: June 16, 2014
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Award-winning Canadian producer Benjamin Leung is taking a sniper’s quality direct aim at the recently burgeoning melodic explosion among dance music as a whole, with his extremely fresh and infusion-led trance alias Somna. He teams up with his collaborative go-to Yang and features Michele C’s captivating and dreamy vocal stylings in “Chasing Stars” to create what very well may be one of the most rapturous and euphoric trance releases of the year, so far.

A big statement, which is backed by immaculate piano breaks flawlessly mixed into furiously electrifying builds…culminating in an awe-inspiring and serotonin-release inducing jubilant breakdowns of the most pristine proportions. Backed by fierce pad incorporation and crisp drum kicks, “Chasing Stars” creates an atmosphere so large that it could encompass both Earth and Mars simultaneously. Originally appearing on In Search Of Sunrise 12: Dubai, the track finally sees its full-length Original Mix released alongside the full-length Dub Mix. A track containing such mind-bending riffs and soaring harmonies as this one deserves to be experienced in its true 8-minute glory…as the radio edit is just enough to tantalize your senses while leaving you craving for more (and more). Be sure to check this one out and bear witness the new sounds of trance, and keep your ear tuned to Somna’s future airwaves!