Pegboard Nerds – Here It Comes

Pegboard Nerds Here It Comes
When we sat down with Pegboard Nerds for an interview in March, we got to listen to a brand new tune that was going to be played that night. A little over a month and a half later, the tune “Here It Comes” is finally slated for release on the ever popular label Monstercat. In the interview, the duo spoke about why they like producing electronic music, saying “there are no rules, you can do whatever the fuck you want,” and how they never feel constrained to one genre. That freedom is put into full effect in this tune; from electro house to dubstep, to glitch hop to a drum and bass taste, Pegboard Nerds weaves their signature sound through a wide spectrum of BPMs to bring us a track suitable for fans of all genres. Brace yourself, for here it comes.