Laurel – To The Hills (Dillistone Remix)

A few months ago, UK alternative-pop singer and songwriter Laurel Arnell-Cullen released To The Hills, a beautifully written, downtempo song that was inspired by Raymond Carver short story Why Don’t You Dance. The original instrumental of the track is comprised of rather dark, hefty drumbeats that echo along a delicately composed orchestration. Dillistone, a producer who’s also based in UK, reconstructs this song into a chill trap interpretation. In this remix, Dillistone sped up the tempo of the vocal and introduced refreshing textures such as delicate, brittle rattling sounds and crispy hi hats wrapped around the exquisitely polished voice of Laurel. Dillistone also added interesting elements such as vocal chopping and pitching effects to spice up the rhythmic groove of the remix. Check out this enchanting remix below!