[VIDEO] Infamous iPhone Ringtone Receives Masterful Remix Treatment

Everyone that belongs to the iPhone family knows the first sound the hear at the beginning of an early morning. The infamous iPhone alarm tone rings in millions of iPhone users ears every morning to begin the day and for many sleep lovers, is very much an unwelcomed sound. Well leave it to MetroGnome, a talented up and coming producer from India to change this seemingly simply melody into a complex and electric work of art. The video shows MetroGnome focused on two launchpads, placing samples with great skill over the edited cell phone jingle, ending his performance with a guitar solo of the melody to cap off the masterful remix. This isn’t his only accomplished production, his Soundcloud featuring multiple electro and dubstep remixes from Pharrell’s “Happy” to theme of Breaking Bad. Check out the awesome video, his Facebook page and Soundcloud!