Tiesto Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Just Be (Remixes)

Tiesto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Just Be (Stephano & Torio/Stereojackers vs. Mark Loverush & Kris O’Neil Remixes)
Label: Magik Muzik | Release Date: May 12th, 2014
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One of the most quintessential and iconic vocal trance anthems of the past 10 years has to be Tiesto‘s production with the absolutely angelic vocals of Kirsty Hawkshaw, “Just Be“. Originally released in 2004, Magik Muzik has continued their recent trend of releasing remix packages of fan favorite classic tracks; a trend that hopefully shall continue throughout the scene in the future. The result are 3 respectfully updated and cleanly produced remixes for a song with as storied a history as “Just Be” does. A personal favorite is Stereojackers vs. Mark Loverush‘s purely and dreamily atmospheric trance-laden out mix, simultaneously managing to to add a nice modern driving edge while maintaining the original aura of the track. Stephano & Torio step up to the plate and smack a slowly burning and quite smooth progressive house spin on the traditionally trance track. Comprised of gently building pianos, crisp vocal usage and a quite unexpected breakdown, the guys show us that actual progressive house can be beautiful as well. Kris O’Neil serves up another differently oriented trance mix, with a bit of a funky vibe. Check out the remixes below: