Talented sampling artist gives “Back to The Future” movie a tasteful video remix

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re in for a treat with this one. Pogo is back with another installment to his series of unique sampling tunes, and this time he collab’d with Skye and sourced Back to the Future. The name might be new to some of you, but Pogo is by no means a brand new face in the music scene. Based out of Perth, Australia, the 25 year old has been posting these musical creations to YouTube since about 2007, and has developed a dedicated niche following. He’s best known for his movie remixes (yes movie remixes), especially Disney films. The variety is incredible; he’s done mixes for UpAlice in Wonderland, Monster’s Inc.,  Pulp Fiction, and the Muppets, just to name a few.

It wouldn’t be a far cry to deem him the king of sampling, and we’d be impressed to hear some competition. Mark Ronson really should’ve referenced Pogo in his TEDx talk. Each mix has it’s own special style and vibe since each sample source is so different, giving him the chance to experiment more. This latest mix is laid back and toned down, using vocals and background sounds to meticulously craft the melodies and bassline; the video cuts compliment the music and provide a little sub story as well. We recommend hitting up his YouTube page and checking out all he has to offer and see how he’s grown over the years, but definitely at least give this lil’ mix a listen below.