Porter Robinson Writes Caffeinated-Appreciation Letter to Fans

Porter Robinson has always been one to be quite active on social media. Whether through pictures, track previews, rants, raves, and everything else under the sun, Porter seems to pop up on news feeds everyday with some new and relevant topics.

After drinking one too many cups of coffee, the young star took to Facebook once again to express a heartfelt message to all of his fans. He admits that he has been rather absent in terms of new material, and thanks his fans from the bottom of his heart for following his musical direction. This appreciation stems from the fact that Robinson has some of the most loyal fan base in the game. This fan base who will follow him devoutly even when he releases no new content; all the while lets the world know his frustration with the scene he is apart of, and all the avant-garde beats he has been hiding.

In the age of internets and social-medias, it provides an impression upon us that we know these artists through-and-through. We see their gigs, their friends, their music… but the human aspect of many of them is lost in the stage-personality they market. So with that, it is refreshing to see a man like Porter Robinson express such human attachment and appreciation to both his craft and his fan base, albeit appreciation expressed through social media (but hey! it’s the best we got).