Oliver Heldens x Becky Hill – Gecko (Overdrive) [Official Music Video]

Oliver Heldens has quickly been making a name for himself. The Dutch producer’s hit “Gecko” reached as far as #2 on the Beatport charts and has dominantly made itself a staple in various club sets this year. Only a few weeks ago, the hit song received a vocal edit with singer Becky Hill. Hill’s strong and soulful voices perfectly compliment the deeper grooves that Gecko brings with it. To go along with the tune, Heldens released the official music video to “Gecko” earlier today, and it’s interesting to say the least.

The video showcases a father and mother who get hot and steamy to celebrate their anniversary. Soon, their daughter comes home with a boy who is clearly her crush and is mortified to see her parents getting it on. After a less than comfortable dinner, the boy goes upstairs only to peek into the girl’s parents’ room to see them making hot tentacle love. This is only part of the weirdness that is the “Gecko” video. To see how the rest of the video ends… watch it.