La Décadance – Violette

La Decadance - Violette
La Décadance is a fresh duo from Sweden who has dedicated the past year to constructing and polishing their unique indie dance sound to perfection. Their debut EP, Violette, was recently released on Stolkholm’s label Girubu. The collection of productions pulls from an array of genres including disco, dubstep, indie rock and more. Violette, the title track, is described as having a “deep sun soaked summer vibe.” A curvaceous bassline lays under a thought-provoking lyrical story that is complemented by light, yet distinct high-pitched synth that takes on the role of the sun. The chilled out indie original has a liminal essence that caters to all audiences. A commendable factor about this EP is that Aron S-A and Carloz La of La Décadance are not looking to capture or create a sound that has been deemed popular, but rather build their own from scratch that is an eclectic mixture of musical influences.

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