HBO’s New EDM Centered Show Will Be ‘a Mix of Satire, Project X, Entourage’

Ever since the idea of an EDM centered sitcom surfaced back in January, everyone has been  patiently waiting for more snippets of information on this sure-to-be-a-hit series. Not only is the idea of such a show fun to get excited about, but knowing that HBO will be taking the reigns of it is another serious plus.

Big names such as Jay-Z, Will Smith, and Calvin Harris have already signed on to help produce, consult, and help put the half-hour long comedy series project together. While these names are in charge of shaping the production end of the show, famous writer Irvine Welsh will be in charge of the script. Welsh’s satirical voice couples well with his history and experience in club culture to make him the ideal candidate to handle such a script.

When asked about the upcoming series, Welsh replied, “We’ve been working on stuff and trying to get something together. . .It’s a comedy about the rise of a DJ through the world of electronic dance music, from humble origins to becoming a superstar DJ… The idea’s to make it very character driven as well – you’ve got [elements] like Human Traffic and Project X and that kind of territory, and Entourage is another one too, you know, about the people that are around them.”

And with the help of Calvin Harris’s musical genius, the show is set to be a smashing success. Welsh went on to praise Harris’ accomplishments and skills by saying, ““Hopefully he’ll do the music for it, obviously he’s got a wealth of experience in that kind of world, so he’s not just a music supervisor, he’s a script consultant as well.”


Via inthemix