Handbraekes (Boys Noize & Mr. Ozio) – Handbraekes #2 EP

It seems like most of the EDM world now knows, respects and fully enjoys the side project of Skrillex and German producer Boys Noize’s Dog Blood; a super duo that successfully pulled large crowds at huge festivals such as Coachella and Electric Zoo last summer. However, Dog Blood was not Boys Noize’s first time making a side project with a producer he likes working with. In early 2012, Boys Noize teamed up with French techno veteran Mr. Ozio to create the side project Handbraekes, releasing an EP titled “#1” which fostered 4 tracks that die hard fans of either of the two can still hear being played in Boys Noize and Mr. Ozio sets to this day. Now, more than 2 years later, they are giving fans their excellently made and true-to-itself “Handbraekes #2” EP.

The four track collection can simply be described as very traditional techno music in structure, no single track really relying on drops or builds but rather various sections in each record that give every song its own character. Handbraekes really characterize themselves with the use of unconventional sounds and atypical melody progression in their music to really give it a signature feel, successfully stamped onto each song by the two techno veterans. You can now purchase “Handbraekes #2” on Beatport now!