Dada Life Gives Update On Stefan’s Health

Over a month ago, the bananas and champagne Swedish duo known as Dada Life announced that one of their born to ragers was in the hospital undergoing treatment and having multiple surgeries. After some time in the dark, Stefan Engblom and Olle Corneer took to Instagram to let their fans know that Stefan had to have his large intestine removed.

“So I’ve been absent for a while now while at the hospital. This is what happened: I had to remove my whole large intestine since the Doctors found cell changes in it. I now an ostomy and will have to learn to live with it. I’m not worried though, I was born to rage and it will work! I’m still weak but getting better each day! Most importantly, thank you all for the great support… Has really helped reading all your messages!”

Showing the power of a positive attitude and a fanbase big enough to get the duo through this tough time, Dada Life isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Feel better Stefan and we know that this won’t stop you from raging!

Photo: Pulse Magazine