Coldplay – Midnight (Kygo Remix)

Once again ladies and gentlemen, Kygo is back with yet another fabulous remix. The 22 year old Norwegian has been churning these things out like nobody’s business, and he’s gotten better with every release. He’s gotten so good in fact, he’s recently set up a US Tour, drawn attention from the likes of Diplo and mixed for “Diplo and Friends“, and had this latest remix premiered by “the don” himself, Pete Tong, on his radio show. The mix in question is a unique take on “Midnight” from Coldplay. In case you missed it, he uploaded a snippet rip from the show, and proves he isn’t a one-trick-pony who just makes playful n’ peppy dance tunes. This track is sweet, slow, and sensual; Chris Martin’s voice is kept as ethereal as ever, but is now surrounded by a mixture of sounds that are undeniably sexy, giving “Midnight” a whole new feel. If this isn’t considered baby-making music, then I don’t know what is.

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