Biopic Feature Film On The Ascension Of Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac Currently in the Works

The story has recently broken that the movie studio Fox 2000 has made a preemptive purchase of the motion picture rights for the forthcoming memoirs of Pasquale Rotella, entitled Insomniac: The Life and Times of Pasquale Rotella, of which the EDM mogul is currently in the act of penning alongside author James Frey. The book is slated for publishing next summer, but this time lapse has not stopped Fox 2000 and Temple Hill from jumping on the bandwagon early and cementing their rights for creation of the big time silver screen edition of the piece.

Rotella’s memoir, which will be published by St. Martin’s Press, will follow and outline his rags-to-riches rise to dance music infamy – tracing the history of Insomniac’s birth on the streets in Venice, California with a population of roughly 50 warehouse ravers…to its subsequent and absolute explosion into the quintessential 400,000+ population Las Vegas-hosted festival Electric Daisy Carnival (and the plethora of events in between). The studios have alluded to a big screen format similar to The Social Network and Eminem’s gritty 8 Mile biopic, encapsulating a thought-provoking and challenging street-level view of Rotella’s path to attaining the American Dream – and creation of a place where all electronic music fandom/family could call a home. Cheers to a job well-done, Pasquale.