Aiden Jude, the 10 year old producer behind the track “Tonight,” has received his fair share of praise and criticism. While “Tonight” was initially met with an extremely positive reception and Jude was quickly labeled a prodigy, accusations regarding his true involvement in the creation of the track began to fly. The most common theories about Jude were that he uses ghost producers and that his parents paid EDM blogs to write about him. Now, Jude has released his second single “Everybody in Da House” and an eleven minute YouTube video showcasing how he creates a song to silence the haters.

The video begins with Jude working from a blank slate and points out each element of the song, like kicks and cymbals, that he chooses to add. Fans can see a track slowly coming together and by the end of the video, set six hours later, Jude is dancing around his room celebrating what seems to be an almost complete product.