VERSA – Illusion (Matt Lange Remix)

New York DJ and producer Matt Lange has recently remixed ‘Illusion’ by his good friends in VERSA, formerly known as VersaEmerge. Matt approaches the alternative original in a profound way, injecting it with a grungy tech house syringe that quickly spreads a stream of abstract growls and a hauntingly beautiful melody. The acoustic sequence that drives the body of the remix effortlessly persists the percussive elements and airy female vocals that surround it. You may notice that the orchestral progression which emerges in the latter half of the song parallels the emotional liminality displayed in the aural theme of the 2001 film, A Beautiful Mind. Matt Lange voiced this to be his favorite remix he has done in a while, so I suggest you inhale the mystical fumes of this brilliant production and enjoy!

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