Tiesto’s Reasons for Trance Abandonment

Voted the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Legend recently, Tiesto gave a very candid answer during a DJ Mag interview to a new spin on the age old question of “Why did you leave trance?”. He was asked if he thought he would’ve had as much US success had he not left the genre. He responds with, “It’s hard to say. I think I would still be Tiesto the trance guy, but the difference is, you’re not being very relevant.” He goes on to explain that sticking to the old sounds would’ve meant being disconnected with the younger generation, and although the old trance guys have their following, “no one seems to care”.

Undoubtedly, the move from trance to house and remolding of his image in the dance music scene right before the stateside EDM explosion brought fire upon the former trance god but also ushered in a new era of success and popularity for Tiesto. It was a smart decision business wise for the Tiesto brand, and a path many trance DJs are still following today. However, it seems a bit short sighted to say that no one cares for the original sounds of trance. We’ve seen a resurgence in the uplifting and psychedelic sub-genres of trance and increasing demand even from the younger generation who weren’t present for the golden ages. And, there are others who have still found immense success at catering to both sides because there is still a side that cares…a lot. So, a brief “Return to Trance” would definitely work and please many of your old fans…? Worth a shot. Nevertheless, Tiesto is truly a legend, and congrats on your recent accolades.