The Chainsmokers Premiere ‘PG-13 Remake’ Of #Selfie Music Video

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The word “Selfie” has come a long way in the past couple of months after being crowned the Oxford Dictionary for ‘word of the year’. With the word and the idea taking off more in 2014 than every before, it was only a matter of time before someone capitalized on the prominent rise of this oh-so-basic word. When The Chainsmokers premiered “#Selfie” on Soundcloud back in late 2013, people knew that it was destined for big things. With a catchy vocal build into a Melbourne bounce inspired drop, the then-free song was instantly snatched by Dim Mak Records and turned into a world wide hit. With the first video for “Selfie” hitting well over 75,000,000 million views on Youtube, a remake of the video was destined to happen.

In partnership with Thump; The Chainsmokers, the hottest girls in Miami, and some of the most recognizable names in the dance music industry, made a remake of the current PG-rated Youtube hit. This latest video features everything one would expect from a 21+ summer event. Everything from boobs and smoking to drinking and partying is squeezed into this 3 minute video. OH, and did we mention that Armin Van Buuren makes a quick guest appearance? We really can’t blame you for being a tad envious of The Chainsmokers’ lifestyle!