Skrillex Launches Nest Label Via Nest HQ To Be “Window Into Our Culture”; Will Offer Free, Direct Downloads of New Releases

Nest HQ is a media platform established by Skrillex to help out rising artists in the scene. With the state of the industry being what it is, it is growing increasingly difficult for emerging artists to gain traction and get noticed, and now Nest HQ will be offering a solution: free exposure on a widely recognized platform. Long gone will the restrictions of genre definitions and pigeon holed projects be, as Nest HQ is a “multi-purpose media platform” that acts as a “window into the culture.” Nest is a label within Nest HQ that puts out solely free music from lesser known artists in an attempt to gain them exposure. A PR statement from Skrillex’s team had this to say:

“The goal of the new label, Nest, falls right in line with Nest HQ’s ethos, increasing awareness for rising and established talent through free, direct download releases from the website while also providing widespread visibility on major retailers and streaming partners.”

Skrillex had this to add:

“The concept of Nest HQ is simple really, it is a transparent vantage point into this culture that we all share and have created together. This culture doesn’t have a genre. It doesn’t have a specific name, but its origins began with a global network of like-minded people who love to share their passions for music and art.”

“Nest HQ is a window into this culture…Our culture. It isn’t just a Skrillex-centric or OWSLA-centric site either. We really want to show and SHARE the passions we have for stuff that we like and that just makes us feel good. And that’s what life is about.”

To kick off the first of all the free music, AC Slater has released a brand new, five-track EP entitled Back To The Floor. The beauty of Nest is that all the tracks will be free downloads, and this is no different. You can download the EP here, and be sure to stay tuned for more releases in the coming weeks.