SFX, Syco Entertainment, and T-Mobile Launch New DJ Competition Show

If you actively keep up with the news, you would know that SFX, the giant media conglomerate helmed by Robert FX Sillerman, has stake in many different parts of the EDM industry. If SFX isn’t buying out or partnering up with another company to create groundbreaking festivals, web applications, radio shows or more, it is seeking innovative ways to move the genre forward. Insert its latest project: ULTIMATE DJ.

Syco Entertainment, the production company behind The X Factor and Got Talent; SFX and T-Mobile US, Inc announced today that they are teaming up to produce a brand new television show that will center on EDM and bringing to light DJ/producer talent and skills. In other words, American Idol for electronic music. Of course, Simon Cowell, the AI judge we have all grown to love and hate, developed the new show. At the moment, the competition will launch online, and producers will be invited to submit their original recordings, while viewers will vote through social media. Then, there will be live challenges and performances at SFX event venues.

“Bringing EMC to the world is our goal,” said Sillerman. “And building a TV franchise in the USA is a key part of that strategy. It’s always exciting to work with Simon Cowell, and the creative power of the Syco organization is undisputed. They are the perfect partners for our vision. And we couldn’t be more excited to partner with T-Mobile US. John is the most exciting CEO of this generation, and I am personally inspired by the mobile revolution he and the team at T-Mobile are driving. Together, we share a vision of challenging the status quo and pioneering new territory in business, media, and entertainment.”

SFX has made their presence in the EDM industry known and their message is clear: they are trailblazers. While a DJ competition might sound silly, you must remember the musicians who made their start through “American Idol” and other “Got Talent” shows. At the very least, it could potentially open up additional avenues for musicians in the dance music space to showcase their talent above and beyond what they could manager in the already very crowded scene. We are curious to see what sort of genres and styles will be favored or propagated by the show, however, considering it will be tailor-made for American television, a mainstream tilt is most likely. Either way, it will surely be entertaining.

Source: The Wall Street Journal