Miami’s Biggest Clubs (Including LIV, Story, Adore) Refuse Service to Justin Bieber

Some people love him, some people hate him, and most of the world just really loves to loathe him. That’s right, of course, we’re talking about: Justin Bieber. If you have been on the fence about your own personal opinion, let the pop-star’s antics of late solidify your opinion. Between punching DJs, Drag racing down main streets, or getting DUIs after said drag races; this kid sure has had his run of ‘bad luck.’

Well it seems as if all these antics have finally began to catch up with the young and restless King-of-Pop-Culture. TMZ recently got in touch with some sources throughout the Miami club scene who reported that Bieber and Company inquired about reservations last Friday night. The Biebs and Crew promised to spend big money at each club for bottle service and VIP seating, but were refused entry and reservations for all three clubs that they attempted to contact.

Sources stated that the reason behind these annexations were because Bieber first off is not twenty-one (which is often seen as more of a guideline than a cornet rule when it comes to entertainment’s aristocracy), and secondly because of Bieber’s bad behavior as of late.

So on a final note to music’s very own Prince Joffery, we would like to say: “Biebs, YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!”