Merk & Kremont and Lush & Simon Present The Sound of Trice

Merk & Kremont and Lush & Simon Present The Sound of Trice
Label: Trice Recordings | Release Date: April 11,2014
Burgeoning sub-label of Armada, Trice Recordings brings dance music fans a diverse catalogue consisting of the industry’s hottest up and comers. With releases from artists such as Merk & Kremont, Lush & Simon, Vicetone, and Tom Fall, Trice is your one stop shop for a fresh take on big room sounds. To get your festival season started with an explosive bang, Trice is releasing their arsenal in the form of a two CD mix entitled The Sound of Trice presented by Merk & Kremont and Lush & Simon. Both mixes showcase the flourishing talent coming out of Italy and brought forth by the label through the unique perspective of each duo.

Italian duo, Merk & Kremont have carved their way to the top with creative bootlegs/remixes and continue their rise with original productions that grace many of DJ sets. Much like their original productions, their mix for The Sound of Trice is a delicate balance between the melodic overpasses that give flight and electric releases that floor you. CD 1 kicks off with the duo’s very own “Zunami” with its infectious bounce which flows right into the hypnotic melodies of the next few songs. “Dusk” by Bass King vs. X-Vertigo featuring MMX was a great selection by the duo to induce the goose bumps early on in the mix.

The mix continues on through its peaks and valleys as it turns gritty with electrifying tracks like “Techno Saturday” by Nom de Strip and Merk & Kremont’s remix of Promise’s “Sun Shine Down”. Unlike other mixes, Merk & Kremont used the end of the mix to turn it up instead of toning down with heavy tracks such as their collaboration with Paris & Simo “Tundra”, “Gunshot” by John Christian, and “Mastadon” by Amersy.

With such an energetic ending, Merk & Kremont leave you craving more which leads perfectly into Lush & Simon’s portion of The Sound of Trice. Another rising Italian duo, Lush & Simon productions gained massive recognition and support last year from superstar DJs worldwide. They start CD 2 with one of those productions, “Adrenaline”. A track with layers of whirling sound, and gripping release, “Adrenaline” steers the path in an electro direction with a more progressive air.

Smoothly weaving in and out of Trice favorites and productions of their own, Lush & Simon take it to the next level with Dyro’s “Leprechauns and Unicorns” and Toby Green remix of “This Is How We Roll” by Mike Hawkins and Pablo Oliveros. The foot never comes off of the gas pedal as “Prymd” by Kryder keeps the pace.

Pulling back a little bit to end the mix with a twist, Lush & Simon leave you with the dubby Flatdisk remix of “Escape” by 3lau and Paris & Simo featuring Bright Lights.

The Sound of Trice is an electro feast with progressive trimmings but, much like a Chinese buffet, you’ll be hungry for more later. So, get your fill and pre-order a copy on Itunes or wait for the official release on April 11th.