Legendary Composer, Hans Zimmer, Puts Together 10-Minute Tomorrowland Hymn

Grammy-award-winning film composer, Hans Zimmer, has been given the task of creating the “Tomorrowland Hymn.” This classical song, much like the movie scores Zimmer is credited for, really brings on the feelings and captures the way everyone in attendance over the past ten years at this festival, have felt. This year marks Tomorrowland’s milestone anniversary and is also the first year that the event will take place over two weekends. While we only have a tiny snippet of the song right now, the full track will be a 10-minute-long composition. After attending the festival, Zimmer compiled his symphony orchestra at the AIR Studios in London, where he has composed many astounding soundtracks for various movies before. In the breathtaking video below, you can see the instruments, players and key components being seamlessly blended together to create the song, mixed in with footages from the festival itself.

According to Zimmer, “The blank page is a terrifying thing, and even though Tomorrowland is a known quantity to me, after ten years, I think they deserve something decent for their anniversary.The hymn is about bringing different cultures together. All the things that make us different are actually the things we should be celebrating.”