Kryoman HEX3D Crushes ‘Dancing With the Stars’ With Choreographed Routine to Martin Garrix’s ‘Animals’


For those not fully informed, HEX3D is a custom show designed by Kryoman and was specifically built for Steve Aoki’s Aokify America tour. Yesterday, the world of dance music took one further step into the mainstream stratosphere as Kryoman set foot on the Dancing With the Stars stage, accompanied by the dance troupe “Macy’s Dancing with the Stars,” a side project of resident show dancer, Derek Hough. If there was any song you’d expect to be featured on a show like this, as the current “face” of dance music in the United States it would be….. ANIMALS.

To be fair, however completely overplayed this song has been, the dance routine looks pretty damn sharp.  Somehow, the group very successfully manages a wide variety of moves that look both crisp and, for lack of a better term, not awkward.  Think it seems easy?  You try dancing to “jungle house,” without looking like a member of the Jersey Shore crew.

The show is reporting this as their best performing episode in its 18 year history.  More of this to come?  Very likely.