Detroit Electronic Music Festival Cancelled Until July 4th, 2015

The organizers of this year’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival unfortunately had to cancel the July event due to unforeseen construction plans on the festival’s site, as well as “a number of exciting festival developments that require more time to ensure their proper presentation.”

The folks at DEMF have been creating an annual celebration of electronic music in the Motor City every summer since 2000, especially showcasing techno in its unique birthplace. This year was slated to be a big one, as a concurrent event, the Federation of Electronic Music Technology, was also to take place alongside DEMF.

In a city in need of infrastructure revitalization, perhaps this construction and postponement will be a good thing for DEMF, as next year, they can bring the “special gift of Techno” to the world in the best way possible. In the meantime, ticketholders can secure a refund, and Detroit Techno fans can still attend May’s Movement festival, with a stacked lineup to boot.