Deadmau5 “Kofee Runnen” with Laidback Luke

Deadmau5 has uploaded yet another installment for his growing coffee run series, this time with the legendary DJ/producer Laidback Luke. The beginning of the run starts off with slow, but the two really get into a good flow of conversation as it progresses, discussing how labels and the Miami scene have changed. The two poke innocently at Avicii and Afrojack and swap opinions on a couple other artists. They even go a little into Luke’s family life (keep in mind this was filmed before Laidback Luke left before Ultra had even started). All and all, this episode had a very light hearted and entertaining feel to it; it’s great to see Deadmau5 interacting with fellow producers and how tight knit their community really is. It’s also great seeing how Mau5 is not out there to troll the world and is really a good guy. We’re looking forward to more coffee run antics and are excited to see who’s in the next episode.