Beatport Unleashes Beatport Pro for Mac

Download here
There’s a new music library for Mac and it’s helmed by Beatport. Marketed as “An application built by DJs for DJs,” the Beatport Pro is a music-lover’s dream. The new system is compatible with iTunes, Traktor, Rekordbox and Serato, as well as any iOS device. At first glance, it looks like Beatport Pro is just another version of iTunes: it’s only for Mac, it’s a music library where you can sort the songs you bought off of Beatport, and the software helps you discover new music. But dig in a littler further and it’s a lot more than that.

Users can make the most of this application by creating specially catered playlists to different audiences and sharing them among other users. With advanced filtering, a user can view his or her music collection in a variety of ways. You can organize your library by tracks, mixes, BPM, stems, parts, loops, oneshots, and sound effects. When shopping around on the Beatport site through Beatport Pro, you can have different carts by genre, energy, or have separate carts for a show that you are attending or playing. If you are an active Beatport user, then this is definitely something you are at the very least going to want to check out.