USC Events Announces a Paradiso College Tour Series

Paradiso has always been a staple in any Northwest-festival goer’s budget. These large scale festivals can be relatively scarce up here in the rainy country, which is explains why everyone in the EDM community jumps at the first chance to attend such the events.

To add onto their event schedule, USC announced earlier that they are bringing the Paradiso Pre-Party to the majority of the collegiate towns throughout the northwest. While there has not been much more information announced as of yet, the image that was posted on their FaceBook page will sure drum up some hype. Judging by the success of USC Event’s other endeavors (Freak Night, Lucky,  and Resolution to name a few), we’re sure this small string of shows will be well worth the effort. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information regarding lineups, camping, and ticket pricing on USC’s website.