Red Rock Amphitheater Sets Limitations On Sound & Curfew In Response To Local’s Complaints

Red Rock Amphitheater

Red Rock Amphitheater is easily one of the most desirable venues to see a concert. Boasting “acoustic perfection” in a geologically astounding creation by Mother Nature, Red Rock has brought amazing performers to the Denver area for years. But recently with the rise in popularity of EDM, more and more noise complaints have been filed against the venue by residents of neighboring town, Morrison. Owned by the city and county of Denver, Red Rock Amphitheater implemented new restrictions on sound and curfew for those performing.

Of the new policies that were imposed on January 1st, several referred to bass levels. According to Dan Rowland, assistant director of marketing and communications for Denver Arts & Venues, “[Shows] shall not exceed 105 decibels and bass levels cannot exceed 125 decibels at the low-frequency levels of 25-80 hertz for one-minute averages after midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends and holidays.” In addition, “that it shall not exceed 105 decibels for one-minute averages after midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends and holidays.” And for those looking to test these new rules?  Violators will be charged $10,000 for every five times, consecutive or not, that the one-minute decibel limit is exceeded. As well as, a $5,000 fine for any 30-minutes exceeding the curfews listed.

It may sound preposterous to many concertgoers, but the restrictions have been received fairly well by performers. Michal Menert, a Colorado-based electronic music artist, has spoken in favor of the new regulations. Menert, who is signed to the Pretty Lights Music label, says that “this is going to bring more dynamic out in the music because it will allow more frequencies to breathe.”

via Denver Post