Q-Dance’s Harder Tribe Returns to Los Angeles this Week

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The harder tribes asked for it and now it’s returned! Q-Dance is starting their 2014 off with another The Sound Of Q-Dance show at the Los Angeles Shrine this Saturday. The return to LA has a lot of people, old and new, to the hardstyle scene thinking about what might be in store for this installment. Here’s a breakdown of the different things you can expect out of this Q-Dance show.

The Lineup

The lineup is nothing but killer this time around and includes familiar and new faces! Wildstylez  joins the crew again this time and Q-Dance will be bringing back MC Villian to pump the crowd up! The City of Angels will be introduced to Mr. Skeleton, Sylence, Lady Faith, The Prophet, Frontliner, and Brennan Heart who are ready to show LA how they get their hardstyle on. Avid hardstyle listeners will understand how monumental this line up is, which is filled with the biggest names and the newest names in the genre. The mixture of veterans plus newcomers to the scene is definitely what Q-Dance represents when it comes to chasing the most sought after producers. There is versatility found in each producer as well, which will open the eyes of those who feel like hardstyle might be dried up.

The Set Up

The Shrine is a great venue that holds numerous acts throughout the year, but no show is anything like what Q-Dance puts up. The venue is perfect for the harder tribes since there’s a lot of room to roam and rage the dance floor alongside hundreds of other hardstyle lovers. The set up from the last Q-Dance left crowds mesmerized and the bass in the building left a heavy beat even from the outside of the main room. The best part about Q-Dance at The Shrine is the casual open areas throughout the room that make it so easy to meet up with old friends or make new friends on the dance floor.

The Experience

Even if you aren’t familiar with hardstyle or think it sounds too repetitive, a hardstyle show is nothing like listening to hardstyle through headphones. What may seem like hard, obnoxious, and disruptive noise is seen as an awakening, a calling, and a lifting in the eyes of hardstyle fans. Q-Dance is one of the most recognizable groups in making this experience happen for old and new fans. A Q-Dance show also holds some of the most loyal and dearest fans a genre could ever ask for. Those with experience are open to introducing the life to those who aren’t as familiar and everyone at a hardstyle show gives off the most sincere vibes an event could ever experience. So saying you’ve been to too many shows and that hardstyle is too predictable is not an excuse to miss a Q-Dance show, because the experience you gain at a Q-Dance show will challenge all your past doubts about a hardstyle show.

If this wasn’t enough to get you going, we have a great review of the last Q-Dance show in Los Angeles as well as an awesome Q-Dance coverage at TomorrowWorld, and if you’re still trying to understand what hardstyle or Q-Dance really is we have a Q-Dance Takes Over US article we think you should read. Q-Dance returns to The Shrine in Los Angeles March 8th and tickets can be purchased here.