Armin van Buuren, Deep Dish, Dada Life and More to Premiere NASA-Developed Sound System During MMW

There’s no doubt that sound is the most important aspect of any music event. Just in time for all of the Miami Music Week festivities, Pure Groove Systems has partnered with Danley Sound Lab‘s technology on an incredible new line of sound equipment. Using the NASA-level expertise of Tom Danley, the two companies have developed the highly innovative Synergy Horn that will provide an audience with unrivaled quality. Tom was the “Director of Electroacoustic Research” at NASA, but is widely known for contributing to the music community with his Servodrive Subwoofer. In addition to a better listening experience for fans, the new technology will ease labor and costs in production. With more powerful sound coming from each cabinet, a less intrusive set up will be achievable. And let’s not forget to mention that ALL Danley Sound Lab products are “proudly built in America!”

So, if you’re looking to check out this new experience of sound, be sure to hit some of the exclusive Vice City venues this week. Ice Palace Studios, Cafeina and Surfcomber are all featuring the new technology, premiering it with performances by artists like Armin Van Buuren, Pete Tong, Tommy Trash, Dada Life and many more!