Laidback Luke Wants To Teach You Kung Fu During Miami Music Week

As if your Miami Music Week schedule couldn’t get any better, Laidback Luke wants to teach you some Kung Fu-, no experience necessary! Fans of the DJ should be familiar with the fact that it’s his favorite pastime. And he backs it up too by racking up medals in competitions. So, why not share his skills with the rest of South Beach? On March 28th, Fontainebleau Miami will be transformed in to the ultimate dojo for Laidback Luke and those willing to learn Kung Fu from him. The class will have a live demonstration from the Dutch producer as well as an interactive lessons for the crowd to pick up on this martial art. This is the perfect break for those looking to relax or get a little sweat going outside of raging at the clubs. Tickets start at $10.00, which includes a goodie pack, and can be found here. Laidback Luke will be performing at Story March 26th for Super You & Me and at the National Hotel March 27th for a Mixmash Pool Party.