John Newman – Love Me Again (Sound Remedy Remix)

Stepping outside the confines of his majestic, ambient sound, Sound Remedy reveals a trap-flared remix of John Newman’s “Love Me Again” that proves he’s more than just a one trick pony. But as a producer with an ardent sense of individual style, Sound Remedy doesn’t succumb to a generic trap template, but rather imbues the style with his incredibly imaginative touch. Leading with a synth-based melody and high-hat taps to backdrop Newman’s vocals, the remix is a fun listen…until you hit the drop. Unexpected. Boss. Powerful. A head-turning use of brass sounds to create a dynamic drop that simply leaves you thinking, “Woof.” Grab Sound Remedy’s remix or the entire “Love Me Again” remix EP on iTunes!

John Newman – Love Me Again (Sound Remedy Remix) | iTunes