Jimmy Kimmel Trolls SXSW Attendees Who Claim to Know Non-Existent Artists

In his recent edition of “Lie Witness News,” nighttime talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, takes his trolling to SXSW to prey on unsuspecting, and seemingly out of touch, attendees. The concept is simple: interview random people at SXSW and ask if they had heard about certain musicians and bands that do not exist…and the answers are hilarious. In this day and age, its better to be all-knowing than not. It’s quite amusing to watch just how far a person is willing to go to prove how much he or she LOVES a certain artist, that isn’t real. From “Willie Nelson Mandela” to “The Toxic Shock Experience,” whoever was caught on camera claimed to know who Kimmel’s interviewer was talking about, and we have our viral gold.

You can also watch the special Coachella 2013 edition of “Lie Witness News,” here.